My 1st blog!… “there just isn’t enough hours in the day!”

Yesterday in a facebook group i asked the question, “What is your biggest struggle with your business right now?” and a particular answer kept cropping up – “there just isn’t enough hours in the day lol” 

My instant reaction to this was “really? what are you doing with your time? There always is the same amount of hours in the day ‘every day’ always has been, always will be. (ok before you all start shouting “what about when the clocks change ey” yes that does change things slightly twice a year) also it’s the same for everybody (hhmmm) so yep we all have the same amount of hours in the day every day”

You may sense I get slightly ‘het up’ by this conversation? well yes it’s safe to say I really, really don’t like it when fellow business owners say ” i just don’t have time!” So i thought i’d write my first ever blog on this subject, as id love nothing more than to help you in not ever ever saying it again……when it comes to your business :0)

Now before you read my ideas please remember – you are reading this because you are “choosing” to and i’m guessing you are probably reading it because you are a business owner, that does indeed feel that there aren’t enough hours in the day?

If your instant reaction to these ideas is – “that’s not gonna work for me” thats fine, but, here is another thought.  Are you happy as things are? Would you like things to be different?

If you have answered yes then why not give these ideas a try? what have you to loose?

So here it is……
I help my clients to get there business where they want it to be (which usually means they want more money coming in) and when we start talking about “to get where you want to be you need to do x y and z”  i often hear….

“i know but i just don’t have the time to do all that….I’ve got a family, i’ve got housework to do, i’ve a dog to walk, i’ve the school run to do, swim club, dinner to cook, a full time job, a part time job, 3 other jobs” the list goes on but ya get the gist don’t ya?

What i ask my clients to do is get a planner. This can be a piece of paper, a £50 Filofax or anything in between, and i ask them to write down all those “things” that they “have” to do. Ideally mark out or get a planner with 1/2 hour sections and simply get it all in there.

Dog walking – school drop off pick up – employed work – time cooking and eating – shopping – dentist appointments – swim club – housework – lunch with a friend – gym – yoga – family time – tv time – and sleep……literally everything.

They can do this for a day but ideally a week. Plan in a whole week (sup to them if they want to add the weekends if they actually do work on a weekend?)

Now …i tell them to look at the time left around all that stuff.

This is the time they have to work on and in their business!

Now I ask. Is that enough time to work in and on your business? to do what needs doing to get it where you want it to be? to do everything that you need to be doing?

It might be that they now actually see they have quite a few hours most days where they can be working, that yes this actually is enough time? If so i suggest they keep planning like this and simply get on with it and stop saying “i don’t have time lol”

If it really “isn’t” enough time then what? Again it is quite simple.  They either have to find the time,  so change stuff up, delegate, do less, do a car pool/drop off pick up share thing … or pay someone else to do some of it (business or home wise) or… not get their business where they want it :0(

Yes It’s then also about actually working out what they should be spending that work time doing as well as actually doing it but that’s a whole other long blog, but for some it might be all they need to give them a push in the right direction?

We all know you have to work hard to get what you want, there simply is no easy way round anything but “not enough hours in the day” is not an acceptable reason for your business not being where you want it to be. lol

Try it – plan it out then do it.. Id love to hear how you get on

Tracy x x x 








5 thoughts on “My 1st blog!… “there just isn’t enough hours in the day!”

  1. Great Tracy ! Planning is they key .. de cluttering is the word I use .
    Well done you ! You have inspired me this morning to do my own blog x


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